Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) review & rating

The Good / The second-gen, mini-sized Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker is just as smart as the first at nearly half the cost, and it’s better at hearing you, too. It’s also the only Echo product you can connect to an existing audio setup.

The Bad / Amazon’s Echo products still can’t offer audio that syncs across multiple devices in multiple rooms.

The Bottom Line / The new and improved Echo Dot takes Amazon’s best-in-class smart home speaker and wraps it in an ultra-affordable package.

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Apple is rumored to be working on a Siri-powered smart home speaker with built-in cameras. The Google Home smart speaker could go on sale as soon as tomorrow, October 4.

Alexa finally has some competition.

That’s almost certainly why we have a second-gen Amazon Echo Dot. With the price slashed to a near-absurd $50 (or £50 in the UK, where Alexa launched just last month), Amazon’s goal is obvious — get its virtual voice assistant into as many homes as possible now, before people have other options. That means that the Dot is designed to sell, sell, sell. And to step all over the arrival of Google Home.

Not that it needed much help. The original Echo Dot, launched just last March as a pint-sized follow-up to the surprise smash-hit Amazon Echo smart speaker, was by all accounts just as successful as its predecessor. It sold out quicker than even Amazon had anticipated and won rave reviews, including an Editors’ Choice distinction here on CNET.

Now, after being out of stock for months, the Dot is back, and more affordable than ever. (It isn’t available in Australia, but were you to import one the price converts to about AU$65.) It’s just as smart as before, too, with all of the same Alexa tricks along with plenty of new ones thanks to a rapidly growing library of third-party voice app “skills.” And, despite the lower cost, it’s an even better performer than the first generation, with microphones that do a better job of hearing your voice commands over music playback or background noise.

Alexa in a nutshell

“Alexa” is Amazon’s cloud-connected, voice-activated virtual assistant. She’s Siri in a speaker. You wake her up by saying her name, or by saying one of your two other wake word options, “Amazon” or “Echo.” The array of microphones inside of the Echo Dot is always listening, and when they hear the wake word, they’ll record whatever you say next and send it off through the cloud to Amazon’s servers. Those servers will figure out what you’re asking for, then tell Alexa how to respond. All of this happens in about a second.

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You can ask Alexa to do all sorts of things. For starters, she can stream music from Amazon Prime Music, Pandora, or Spotify. She can can play podcasts from iHeartRadio or TuneIn. She can set kitchen timers. She can look up facts. She can wake you up in the morning. She can tell your kids painfully bad jokes. She can read off the day’s headlines from whatever news sources you like (including, ahem, CNET). All you have to do is ask.

On top of that, Alexa keeps getting smarter thanks to an increasingly robust market of third-party voice apps called “skills.” There are over 3,000 of them at this point, and each one teaches Alexa a new trick. The Uber and Lyft skills let you tell Alexa to call you a ride. The Capital One skill lets you tell Alexa to make a credit card payment. The Domino’s skill lets you tell Alexa to order a pizza. A skill called The Wayne Investigation lets you talk your way through an interactive mystery set in Gotham City. You can browse through them all in the Alexa app, then pick which ones you want to enable. You can also just ask Alexa to turn one on by saying something like, “Alexa, enable the Jeopardy skill.” And, as of now, none of them cost anything.

Alexa can control a growing list of smart home gadgets, too, including connected lighting setups, smart thermostats, and popular smart home platforms. Ask her to turn the kitchen lights off or raise the temperature a few degrees, and she’ll happily comply.

We’ve been using Alexa to control gadgets like these in the CNET Smart Home for over a year now, and she’s terrific at it. If you have any interest in smart home tech whatsoever, then the Echo Dot is an absolute no-brainer.

One of the challenges in launching the Echo in a range of countries is making sure Alexa understands different accents and knows when words are used in different contexts.

For example, sports fans can ask for the result of the latest “Spurs game”. The US version of the Echo will know you probably mean the San Antonio Spurs and give you a basketball result, while the UK version knows you mean Tottenham Hotspur and gives you a soccer result. The UK version also gives you British English spellings and jokey Easter eggs relating to British cultural touchstones like “Monty Python”, among a number of uniquely UK-focused features — this video shows just some of those British features in action.

Small, but mighty

The new Echo Dot is a little shorter than the original because there’s no longer a ring around the top that you turn to control the volume. Instead, you turn things up and down using two new volume buttons on the top of the device. It’s also a bit lighter, with a glossy plastic casing instead of the matte black body of generation one. And, of course, it’s available in white now (which looks quite good, in my opinion). Other than that, this is the same Dot as before: same plug-and-play simplicity, same voice-activated smarts.

Like every other Echo product, the Dot is really just an access point for the Amazon Alexa cloud platform. That means that you’re getting the exact same Alexa features as you would with the full-size Amazon Echo or the battery-powered Amazon Tap. The Dot just has a less powerful speaker.

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There’s an ace up the Dot’s sleeve, though, and that’s the fact that you can connect it with existing speakers and audio setups over Bluetooth or via line-in cable. Do so, and you’ll essentially make an Echo out of whatever speakers you like. The Echo and Tap can’t do that — with both, it’s the built-in speakers or it’s nothing.

That makes Dot the most flexible of the three, and the most intriguing, too. After all, music is a big part of the Alexa experience, and most music lovers already have an audio setup they’re happy with. The Dot lets them give that audio setup a brand new brain.

Just one, small quibble: Amazon doesn’t include a line-in cable with the new Echo Dot like it did with the first one. You’ll need to spend five or six bucks on your own (or dig one out of your junk drawer). It’s a clear sign that Amazon was trying to get the entry cost as low as possible, and a forgivable omission given that you can still connect with external speakers right out of the box using Bluetooth. Still, I’d like it better if the cable came included.

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So, the Dot is an Alexa access point, and a very clever one. But is it a good one? Specifically, can its microphones hear you as well as the ones in the full-size Echo? This was a small problem with generation one, especially during music playback, where I’d often need to shout to get Alexa’s attention, even at close distances.

Locate the Male G Spot For Body Shaking Orgasms

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What is the key to finding the male G Spot?

Men can experience new levels of pleasure by experimenting and finding the male g spot. A mans g spot is found at his prostate, a walnut-sized gland that partially consists of muscle. Technically speaking, the prostate contributes fluid to semen and uses its strength to help a man ejaculate. However, there is a sexually gratifying side to the prostate that can only be achieved by finding the male g spot.

The prostate gland is located close to the bladder, surrounding the urethra. Although the prostate cannot be touched directly, it is rare for a man or his partner to have trouble finding the male g spot. To find the prostate for the first time, it is best to use one, well-lubricated, gloved finger and work very slowly. While the benefits of finding the male g spot are well worth the experience, moving too quickly can result in discomfort or injury.

The prostate is found about one to two inches inside the anal canal; in most circumstances, a man will instantly be able to tell when he or his partner are nearing its location because he will start to experience early waves of pleasure. With a little bit of patience and relaxation, finding the male g spot is a simple process for most men.

There are also specially designed sex toys that make finding the male g spot even easier. Since it is possible for some toys to travel too far into the anal cavity, appropriate toys feature some type of mechanism to prevent this from happening. Toys also help to ease the anxiety and apprehension some men face about finding the male g spot.

While many men feel more comfortable with solo exploration, others are comfortable enough to incorporate prostate stimulation into sexual encounters with their partners. Either way, finding the male g spot is a worthwhile task that introduces an incomparable amount of sexual pleasure.

Maurice Tate is a qualified sexologist trained at the Advanced Institute of Sexology. To find out more on prostate pleasure, subscribe to my free newsletter at Male G Spot and Prostate Massage Guide [].

To really explore your sexuality and your prostate, which is a lot easier than you think, visit Prostate Massage Techniques []

There are many health reasons to do a regular prostate massage. Many doctors are recommending prostate massage and prostate milking for prostate health benefits.

Great sex and pleasure is your birthright!

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Make a Man Orgasm – 3 Ways to Make Your Man Ejaculate Fast

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It’s great to know how to make a man orgasm at will giving you total power over how long sex lasts for.

Here are three ways to make your man ejaculate.

1. A great way to make a guy explode is to use specific sex positions that make him ejaculate fast. There are two positions that do the trick every single time. One is you on all fours, the combination of seeing your body in this position and how it feels inside means most men only last a few seconds.

2. Another way to make a man orgasm is to dress up for him because men are very visual about sex this works a treat. Go up to bed before him and get ready then when he cones up and pulls back the covers his eyes will pop out, he will be erect instantly and ejaculate in seconds.

3. This is the very best way to make a man orgasm, in fact it can achieve this within thirty seconds. Is fellatio (oral) and this when done with this little tip will make any man climax. OK all you need to do is keep the sucks short and fast, don’t try and take him deep just suck the very tip of his penis which is the most sensitive part of it. You will be amazed at how fast you can make a man orgasm by doing this.

Here is the product to make your man ejaculate.
Passionista: The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Pleasuring a Man (Kerner)

Customer reviews

I loved She Comes First so I thought I’d pick up Kerner’s book that is actually geared for me. Overall I liked it, there is some good information, but it’s lacking in other areas. I’m a young woman who struggles a bit with sex in her relationship, and while She Comes First hit the nail on the head in terms of female desire, I feel like Passionista didn’t go quite as far in helping me understand my male partner. It focuses quite a bit on how male insecurity/performance pressure causes men to sabotage themselves sexually, and how creating a great sexual experience for your male partner is largely about banishing those thoughts so he can have a great time. This is great info to consider! The techniques part of the book I thought was lacking. The book starts out telling you, and continues to tell you how it’s GOING to tell you how to inject some excitement into your sex life to keep you both interested. This consists of many pages of anecdotes that left me pretty cold. Most of them were very very typical “sext him at work” “quickie on vacation” type things that might provide inspiration for some, but for someone who has struggled in her relationship with sex for years, it’s just trite and a bit patronizing. As is the whole “be a passionista thing.” Give me a break. She comes first definitely made use of the “bro tone” to convince straight men that their dicks weren’t the center of the universe, so I can understand why Kerner would try to create some kind of sexy woman archetype to relate to women. But it’s pretty weird.

A specific example to sort of illustrate why I gave 3/5 would be the bit on pelvic massage. The early sections of the book read like a sales pitch for the book-which I’ve already bought. They mention pelvic massage techniques to help him loosen up, relax, get aroused, and possibly make his apparent size a bit longer without all that tension in his pelvis. Awesome! Something I hadn’t seen much about before!! It gets hinted at several times before it is actually discussed. That discussion consists of a quick description of basic massage strokes, not at all instruction on where/how/which muscles to apply them to. That’s great if “massage your partner” is still kinky and exciting to you, but I would think if you’re reading sex self-help books you need more info than that…especially after you’ve been teased with the idea of specific applicable pelvic techniques.

In a nutshell, just as She Comes First proved useful insight to the clueless male, this book might provide great insight to the female who has somehow forgotten that her male partner has insecurities. Clueless, ignorant, men and women probably make up most of us at some point , so Kerner’s effort is appreciated… but if you are more advanced sexually it’s nothing you haven’t read before.

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How To Hit The G-Spot Successfully

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Are you pondering how to hit the G-spot successfully so that you will be able to make your lover achieves mind-blowing orgasms? G-spot is a very sensitive area in a woman, that when the right pressure is applied, she will be able to enjoy the sexual experience and achieve orgasms.

To hit the G-spot successfully, you will first need to know where the G-spot is. To locate the G-spot, insert your index finger into your lover’s vulva, with your palm facing up. Then make a “come here” motion with your finger and you will be able to feel it.

Help her to tell you when you hit the right place. You can also know from the reaction from her face if you do it right. One thing to note is that the G-spot is sensitive to pressure, not just simple touches. A lot of men think that by just touching the G-spot, they can cause deep stimulation to their women.

So make sure you apply enough pressure so as to stimulate it. If you want to stimulate her even further, you can apply constant pressure on her G-spot and stimulate her clitoris at the same time. At the moment of time, your lover may have a sensation to pee. If it happens, do not worry, it is woman’s ejaculation. If not, then continue to stimulate her G-spot and help her to achieve orgasms.

To enhance your G-spot stimulation, you can try out to apply pressure on her G-spot at a different angle or dictate the pace of your stroke. Remember, touching her clitoris while you are applying pressure on her G-spot can make her to achieve orgasms quicker.

Do you know that other than G-spot stimulation, there is another stimulation method that can basically make her achieve mind-blowing orgasms more easily? Check out website below to find out now:

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Best Sexual Position for Deep Penetration & Ultimate Satisfaction

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In our series of best sexual positions we have presented various positions for a number of conditions and circumstances.

This article gives the absolutely best sexual position for those couples who wish the deepest penetration possible.

About Deep Penetration

The truth is a woman’s anatomy (as is concerned with her uterus) is able to change shape depending on her position during the sexual act.

Some women are very interested in having as deep a penetration as possible (all the way to the cervix), and even if a man has a sufficiently long penis, the position assumed may not allow a deep enough penetration.

The Crab on Its Back

This position is the absolute best for deep penetration.

It is a man-on-top position, and it allows a great deal of facial contact of the partners.
It also gives the man the ability to thrust in robust manner, and the woman to return the thrusting with her own alternating movement.

The position is called the Crab on Its Back, and comes to us from both the Kama Sutra and the Arab classic, The Perfumed Garden.

How to Assume the Crab on Its Back Position

The woman will lie on her back on the bed, with her upper body only, and her buttocks placed near the edge of the bed, at the bottom corner.

Her legs are held open by the natural angle of the bed’s edge, and her legs hanging over the bed with her feet on the floor.

The man stands or bends over her, and easily penetrates her. At this time, the woman bends her knees backwards towards her breast, and resembles a crab on its back.

The man is supporting himself with his hands, but his torso and the woman’s are generally in very close contact.

The woman’s torso is pinned down, but she is free to move pelvicly, and should do so as the man starts thrusting.

The man himself can have both or one leg on the floor to support himself, whatever is comfortable.

The woman can pull her legs back further to allow the deepest penetration, and the man should be careful in his thrusting not to cause pain. The woman can rest one or both of her calves on the man’s shoulders.

The couple should move in a coordinated movement of thrust and repel for as long as possible. This will almost assure a synchronized orgasm if done correctly.

This position allows for maximum penetration and can be used by couples where the man may have only an average sized penis.

In this way, as the woman raises her hips off the bed, the man’s penis is fully penetrated, and to a maximum extent, the actual size of the man’s penis is not too important, as penetration is at a very deep level

Maximizing the Orgasm

In this position the orgasm will come to the woman with deep and intense spasm and contractions.

It is highly recommended that the man not withdrawn during his orgasm, but continue to thrust while the woman (or they both) come to deeply satisfying conclusion.

The Crab on Its Back is absolutely the best sexual position for the deepest penetration possible.


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G-Spot Position – How To Find It a Step by Step Guide

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Although the g spot is steeped in mystery it is actually quite easy to find if you know how to look for it and this is what this article is about how to find the g spot.

Find it and stimulate it and you will give your partner immense sexual pleasure, so here is your guide.

Men in the past were hunters and trackers. They had to find their prey in order to survive.

Today’s man, it seems, has lost (or at least forgotten) that all important talent.

Even if it’s forgotten, if you can follow some simple instructions and you have at least the basic equipment, you can find the g-spot.

The rewards of finding it, and exciting it, will be well worth your pursuit.

Basic Woman’s Anatomy

The G-spot (specifically the Gräfenberg spot named after the German doctor who first found it and documented it), is found the woman’s genital area just behind the pubic bone and it surrounds the urethra.

Sound confusing? Lets start at the opening of the vagina (impossible to miss, and if you will search a bit more, you can see the urethra from where a woman urinates).

Assuming you found the opening of the vagina, and using a well lubricated finger as a probe (the middle finger works best), proceed about 4 inches straight in.

The vagina has a top and bottom, and the bottom borders the rectum and anus, and the top borders the bladder.

It’s the top we are interested in here.

Do not go too far inside the vagina, as you will come to the cervix, which is the mouth of the uterus.

You have passed the g-spot if you are already there.

So assuming you are only about 4 inches into the vagina, feel with your finger probe the top surface.

You will feel some tissue that is somewhat rougher than the tissue around it. Therein lies the g-spot, or most of it.

If you can imagine that the woman’s clitoris is more of an internal and external organ, its nerve ending begin (or end) with the area you are feeling…the g-spot. Found it?


G-Spot Stimulation

Popular myths of masculinity and female misconception about large penis’ will have little to do with stimulation of the g-spot.

If you have an average size penis, and can hold an erection, you can stimulate the g-spot and bring your lady partner to a profound orgasm.

How is this done?

You need the correct sexual position, and there is one great position which is ideal for g-spot stimulation.

The first is with the man sitting on the edge of a bed, and woman mounted on top of him, with her legs wrapped around his back.

The man’s penis is inserted in the woman’s vagina, and the woman adapts the depth exactly to stimulate the g-spot.

No thrusting is necessary or required.

Just maintain the erection, press as hard as you can from the pelvic area, so the penis puts pressure on the g-spot.

The rest is all automatic from the female, and soon she will arrive at a deep and satisfying orgasm.
This position also stimulates the woman’s clitoris, and this double stimulation brings about this great
female orgasm.

G-Spot Stimulation Variations

A man can insert two well lubricated fingers, fingernail side down, and in a “come here” motion, press the two fingers against the g-spot area.

This is a very good technique also done during cunnilingus, and has a very positive effect on a woman’s ability to orgasm and re-orgasm in quick succession.


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Deep Spot Orgasms – How to Stimulate the Deep Spot

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Direct stimulation to the deep spot can cause very intense orgasms and to some women by stimulating the back of the of this sensitive area can feel as if she’s having anal sex.

Deep spot orgasms are the type of orgasms you generally get the responses like “Oh my god, what are you doing to me?” and “I never had it feel like this before.” As I mentioned earlier this particular erogenous zone is not widely recognized so very few women have ever experienced the intensity of a this type of orgasm.

This area of a woman’s body is located almost all the way back in the deepest part of the vagina just before the cervix, and has two distinct areas, the front and the back.

The front is located along the front wall of the vagina. The back is located along the rear wall slightly deeper because this part of the vagina is tilted.

When locating the deep spot use your middle finger and insert it 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches inside along the front wall. You are going to go past the spongy area and feel for a smooth area just before the cervix.

The cervix will feel like a button or the tip of a nose. If you feel this then you know you’ve gone too far, just pull back a bit. You’ll want to be very careful if you do touch the cervix because most women do not like this.

You might feel a rim, sort of like the rim of a Frisbee. Begin stimulating this area using a come here motion. You want to make sure you are using pretty firm pressure. Vary it up by using both long and short strokes and you can even use two fingers if you like.

The deep spot is unique in that it is sensitive all the way around so you can move you fingers around a bit. Make sure and pay attention to your lover’s expressions, she’ll let you know how it’s feeling.

A deep spot orgasm can take up to 30 minutes so be patient, but I can assure you her reaction when she orgasms will be well worth it. To get a full understanding on this deep spot technique I just described head over to my site where I demonstrate on video exactly how to do it.

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Diagram of the Male G Spot For Mega Orgasms

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For men who are ready to explore a whole new world of sexual pleasure, finding the male g spot is the best way to go. The male g spot, or prostate gland, is unchartered territory for many men. In fact, many men are hesitant to experiment with their prostate because of its location, so using a diagram of the male g spot can be very helpful.

Most men are surprised to find out the prostate is the source of so much pleasure, contributing to an unparalleled type of orgasm. On a well-detailed diagram of the male g spot, locate the prostate; it can be found in between the bladder and rectum. Due to its placement, the only way to come in contact with the prostate is through the anus. The diagram of the male g spot will also show that the gland sits fairly close to the anal opening.

The placement of the prostate is close to the root of the penis, making it easy to simultaneously perform masturbation and g spot stimulation. For men who want to share the experience with their partner, it’s a good idea to share the diagram of the male g spot with them as well. In order for a significant other to fully appreciate the power of the prostate, they need to understand exactly how to find it.

A diagram of the male g spot will also show how closely it is located to the anal canal. The prostate can’t be touched directly, but intense pleasure is still found by rubbing or stroking the area around the gland. With important sexual functions, the prostate is frequently found on a reproductive diagram of the male g spot.

The fluid provided by the prostate is found in semen. By stimulating this muscular gland the right way, every man has the opportunity to experience mind-blowing orgasms. On a diagram of the male g spot, the prostate may not look like much, but it is an important part of every man’s sexuality.

For partners who are eager to explore the powerful effects of the male g spot, consulting a diagram of the male g spot can be very useful, especially for women. Since the prostate gland is only found in men, it is likely that a woman has not found a need to review a diagram of the male g spot in the past. For couples, pursuing exploration as a team can only bring partners closer together.

To see a diagram of the male g spot and more on prostate pleasure, subscribe to my free newsletter at Male G Spot and Prostate Massage Guide [].

To really explore your sexuality and your prostate, which is a lot easier than you think, visit Prostate Gland Massage Techniques []

There are many health reasons to do a regular prostate massage. Many doctors are recommending prostate massage and prostate milking for prostate health benefits. If you have some prostate health issues, contact your doctor before trying any of the massage tips.

Great sex is your birthright!

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The Pleasure of Perineum Stimulation For a Different Kind of Orgasm

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With the clitoris being the main focus of the female body, the perineum kinda gets forgotten. Its position does not help it much either, being sandwiched between two major erogenous zones. This is a shame as the perineum is rich in nerve endings and can be a great source of pleasure for both the man and the woman. It is time that this zone was rediscovered!

An Introduction to Perineum Pleasure

Locating the perineum is simple, consider the female genitalia as a diamond with the vaginal opening at the center. The perineum is the southernmost end of this shape. It is roughly in the middle of the anal and vaginal openings.

This region is also sometimes called the ‘taint.’ This comes from an old joke as ‘it ain’t (‘Taint) the anus and ain’t the vagina.’ Sometimes it can also be pierced in which case it is called a guiche-piercing. Although this practice was more commonly associated with the homosexual BDSM community, it is becoming more common in heterosexuals and many people now consider it no different from a clitoral piercing.

Perineum Stimulation: How to

When touching the perineum you will want to have lubed/ oiled hands as it is easy to chaff this delicate area. It should be stroked in a similar way to the clitoris. Due to its position between the anal and vaginal openings, its most useful role is as a great tease. Stroke the 3 erogenous zones and keep her guessing where the pleasure is coming from next. It also functions as an intermediate between vaginal and anal foreplay, if your woman is into that.

It is in oral sex that the perineum becomes the most useful. It can be bitten, sucked or licked and will give the woman a different kind of feeling. In addition it is easy to access the labia and clitoris too. Generally speaking most women find it difficult to orgasm from perineum stimulation alone, but easier to orgasm when perineum pleasure is mixed with clitoral.

Guys can use this area when they are experimenting with male multiple orgasms. However it is a relatively risky way to have this kind of sex, so it is definitely not one for beginners. To perform it you need to feel around in the area just underneath your testicles. Around here you should find that there is a ‘tube’ that runs close to the surface. This tube is a vital part of the process used to push semen out of the body during ejaculation. Therefore pressure on this tube can block the flow of ejaculatory fluid and prevent/ delay orgasm. In reality this runs some huge risks as the semen has to go somewhere and often it goes into places where it causes more harm. The woman needs to be careful not to press too hard or perform it too regularly (Once or twice a month is best).

If your partner has a guiche-piercing then you have extra options as these are primarily designed for foreplay purposes. The feeling of the metal on flesh is so different from skin-on-skin that you can drive her wild by mixing the two. Also catching it between your lips and gently pulling on it should give her a different kind of perineum stimulation.

Mastering perineum stimulation offers a different experience for the girl and can really enhance oral sex, fingering and outercourse. As a great, overlooked spot it is another tool to add to your list of techniques that women love.

Harlan Mulroy is a sex expert. For all the latest information about improving your sex life and the ‘how to: orgasms’ guide, visit

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