About the G-Spot – How to Find and Stimulate It

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The G-spot is a wide sensual area located between the vagina and the urethra and also around the urethra. The most sensual point in this area is said to be found 3 inches or 5 cm inside the vagina at some depth in the tissue under the front/upper vaginal wall.


According to traditional Freudian theory a young immature girl or woman gets the main feelings and her orgasms from the clitoris. As she matures she acquires the ability to be stimulated and get orgasms vaginally and looses her interest for clitoral stimulation.

This view was opposed by the feminist movement and they consolidated the thesis that a woman could only get her orgasm by clitoral stimulation and that there were no other center of sexual lust. This thesis is still politically correct information in many gynecological and sexological textbooks.

Researches pioneered by the German gynecologist Erst Grafenberg have however revealed that woman have a large sensual area near the vagina and around the urethra, and the area has been named the G-spot or the Grafenberg spot after its discoverer. Since the area is large and comprises many structures, the G-spot is not very well defined.

The G-spot has since become both an important issue in popular culture and a matter of great political controversies that still are going on. Some experts are strong proponents of the G-spot, while others are eager to deny that it exists or try to explain it away by defining it as a deep part of the clitoris. The question of female ejaculation also seems to provoke the same degree of political controversy.

The proponents of the G-spot seem to give it a too heavy importance, while for the opponents it seems to be important to deny the existence of the G-spot and female ejaculation for any prize.


The G-spot is an area laying between the urethra and the vagina and around the urethra. The most sensitive point in the area is found 3 inches or 5 cm inside over the upper/front vaginal wall (front if the woman is standing and upper if laying).

The area has a mesh of blood vessels that can fill with blood and engorge. The area has a rich equipment of nerve endings. The urethral sphincter consisting of a grid of crossing muscle bundles lays between this area and the bladder.

At both sides of the urethra, the area has a gland that produces a fluid with the same composition as a man’s prostate, the paraurethral glands, which can be defined as a part of the G-spot. The area is also connected to the clitoris with bundles of connective tissue.


The innervation of the G-spot provides for strong sensations of sexual pleasure. These are described by many women as waves of pleasure spreading out from that area and that increase as the excitement increases and increase towards orgasm.

The innervation of the G-spot and the nearby area provides for sensations of many other kind during sex. Some women feel a sensation like the urge to urinate and the good feeling when one lets the urine flow. All these sensations increase when the mesh of blood vessels engorge.

Some women are however not aware of any sensations in the G-spot, and many women learn to recognise these sensations with sexual practice and by experimentation with sexual techniques. Some women also seem to mistake sexual urges coming from the G-spot for urge to urinate.


You can stimulate the G-spot of yourself or your woman by massaging with some force up against the upper/front vaginal wall about 5 cm or 3 inches inside the vagina. The right depth will of course vary from woman to woman, so it is important to try a wider area. One must massage so deep into the tissue that the massage exert a pressure in the area between the vagina and the urethra.

You can reach the right spot with the finger. It is perhaps more easy to stimulate the right spot with a dildo or a vibrator that is curved in the end. By using vibrations, pressure waves will propagate through all the inner areas of the vulva and induce a general physical excitement that you can build further upon when stimulating the G-spot more directly by the tip of the device.


Upon stimulation of the right intensity and length a woman can get an orgasm with the G-spot as the center of the feeling. Since there is an intimate connection between the G-spot and the clitoris, there will usually also be a clitoral component in the orgasm. Sometimes the center of feelings will be in the clitoris also upon G-spot stimulation, but the feelings will still originate from a wider area. Sometimes the woman will feel an intense pleasure in a wide area, including both the G-spot, the clitoris, the bladder area, the thighs and the anus.

G-spot orgasm or orgasm caused by G-spot stimulation is felt to by many women to be much more profound both physically and mentally than a pure clitoral orgasm and the feelings will often reach much farther inside in her body.


Upon stimulation the G-spot gets filled with blood and swells. The swelling increases the excitement, contributes to the general engorgement of the whole vulva and contributes to the stimulation towards orgasm. Also the excretion of lubricating fluid from glands in that area increases by G-point stimulation.

During orgasm some women ejaculate a fluid from their genital organ. The fluid seems mostly to originate from the paraurethral glands that empty themselves through ducts at both sides of the urethra, but some may also originate from small glands around the urethra that open into the urethra. The paraurethral glands make a fluid of nearly the same composition as the man¨s prostate secretions. The paraurethral glands are often depicted to be a part of the G-spot and female ejaculations seems to be particularly common during orgasms that originate in the G-spot.

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Facts and Myths About Gay and Lesbian Parenting

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Change often causes a division between those that are in support of the change, and those that aren’t. Gay and lesbian parenting is one such change. Supportive people tend to reflect on the positive benefits of having gay or lesbian parents while those who are not supportive may claim unreal negatives linked to having two moms or two dads. Research studies have been completed on gay and lesbian parenting with some interesting, myth-busting results.

Myth: Parenting Choices are Influenced by Sexual Orientation

Fact: According to a 1999 report published by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), gay and lesbian parents did not parent based upon their sexual orientation. The ACLU states that “good parenting” involves supplying a nurturing home with love from both parents and gay/lesbian parents can effectively offer that to their children.

Myth: Children of Alternative Parents Grow Up Unhappy

Fact: The same 1999 report published by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), revealed children of gay and lesbian parents were just as happy as children raised by heterosexual parents. This could be true and untrue at the same time. In 2004, Barbara Walters interviewed children of gay and lesbian couples to find that some had problems during middle school years when peer pressure and teasing was heaviest. Some skeptics may state that all children have trouble during middle school years with these same issues whether parents are gay or not.

Myth: Children of Alternative Couples are Less Intelligent

Fact: There are no known studies that support the idea that children of gay and lesbian couples are less intelligent. Children are also not proven to suffer additional mental problems, behavioral problems, drug addiction or eating disorders.

Myth: Alternative Parents Cannot Provide Good Foster and Adoption Homes

Fact: Each year, more and more children enter the foster system with fewer couples willing to adopt. With research supporting the alternative parental unit, there is no reason to stop them from opening a well-rounded home to a child that would otherwise by stuck in the system. There are research studies, however, that link a lack of a supportive home unit to problems throughout childhood and adulthood.

As long as there are alternative lifestyles there will be myths and facts to set straight. Not every gay and lesbian couple is perfect for parenthood – but not every heterosexual couple is either. There are pros and cons of every parent until no matter the sexual orientation.

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Amos Grunebaum M.D. is a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist in one of the top 10 hospitals in the United States. In addition to providing pregnant women researched information on pregnancy at BabyMed.com, Amos specializes in gay parenting.

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The GED Math Test: About the Casio fx-260 Calculator

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To score well on the GED math test, it’s important to learn how to use the Casio fx-260 calculator, since it’s the calculator used for the official General Education Development Test. To prepare well for the test, it’s a good idea to get hands-on practice with this Casio, and to understand which calculator functions the test expects you to know.

The Casio fx-260 is used for Part 1 of the two-part math test, which covers basic algebra and geometry, data analysis and basic number operations. Each one of the two parts has 25 questions, with 45 minutes slotted, or 90 minutes total allowed for the entire GED math test. The Casio fx-260 is distributed by the test site center for Part 1 of the test, and then collected before part 2. Calculators can’t be used for Part 2.

About the Casio Calculator

The Casio fx-260 is a scientific calculator. It’s more advanced than the simpler or basic calculator models most adults use to balance their checkbooks or to add a grocery bill while shopping. Many of today’s high schoolers and even college graduates aren’t familiar with the advanced calculators and multiple functions of scientific calculators used in today’s technology, science fields and for advanced financial operations. So calculator skills aren’t just important for GED students; knowledge of scientific calculators is important to everyone engaged in today’s rapidly progressive technological society.

Here are some basics to understand about the Casio fx-260:
Learn the location of the keys.Learn the functions that the keys perform.Use the ‘On’ button to reset the calculator, or to clear the memory.How to use the ‘Clear’ and ‘All Clear’ buttons or functions to clear the last number entered or memory.Using number keys 0-9, and basic operation keys for addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.Learning the location of the decimal point key, equals and percent, and how and when each is used.Using the ‘Shift’ key — to change other keys to alternate functions.How the ‘Change Sign’ and ‘Fraction’ keys work, and when to use them.How the ‘Square’ and ‘Square Root’ keys work, and when to use them.The ‘Parenthesis’ keys are important, since these keys are used to control the order of mathematical operations.Understanding the keys to raise numbers to another power, and for exponentials — ‘EXP’ key — used in scientific notation.

Does it look complicated? Sure, and the Casio calculator used for the GED test has additional functions that can be used for highly complex mathematical functions.

But don’t worry. While it seems like a lot to learn — and to understand — the test requires only basic knowledge and application of a few functions. And this knowledge will actually help test candidates solve the test’s more complicated problems.

The Casio fx-260 is worth learning. Understanding goes a long way toward reducing “math anxiety” and should improve the final GED Test math score.

For additional GED study tips and math test tips, test information and free resources on the GED test, official testing sites, financial aid and student support, visit http://www.passGED.com. The website also provides links to federal agencies and nonprofits that serve GED students, instructors, corrections students and workforce development programs.

Leonard Williams, an e-learning instructor with http://www.passGED.com, is also a curriculum specialist who focuses on research and development, implementation and assessment of best-practice learning solutions for adult learners and people with educational challenges. Leonard’s email is LeonardWilliams@passGED.com. He invites feedback and questions from GED students and instructors.

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Everything You Want To Know About The Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

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Today, there are plenty of military combat vehicles. All of them have their own specific purpose. One of these is the mine-resistant ambush protected or MRAP vehicle. This is believed to be among the most reliable vehicles for troop survival.

MRAP Vehicle – What Is Special About It?

As its name implies, this vehicle is resistant to personnel and anti-tank mines. It does not just withstand those explosive; rather, it also provides excellent survivability for passengers. In fact, it can outperform the 70-ton M-1 main battle tank and the Humvee. Based on the defence specialists, the casualty rate for an MRAP is just 6% in IED blasts as compared to the 15% and 22% for the M-1 Abrams and the Humvee. With this vehicle, soldiers certainly feel safest.

Protecting troops is the main function of this vehicle. The previous models must be improved to maximize its capacity. But this model has design limitations like the lack of protection for air tanks. Apart from that, military groups requested that MRAP vehicles must be fast and more efficient on non-paved roads so it can be a lot easier to manoeuvre.

Another problem associated with the earlier models is providing training for its extensive utility. There are some manufacturers years ago that made training and maintenance a complicated process for users wherein only the field service representatives can do maintenance tasks. As for the training, only an elite few make use of an established program so they can fully educate users on all the vehicle’s capabilities. They also teach users on how to properly operate the features of this vehicle to guarantee long functional lifespan.

Indeed, the leading manufacturers of MRAPs are doing more. They are continuously taking steps to further make it the best in its class. They have obtained ideas from the perceived limitations of older manufacturers and designed training programs for the target users of the said vehicle. The training program is not just established to guarantee proper use but also to make sure that its operators are convenient. Be reminded though that these manufacturers aren’t stopping with training; rather, they came up with a long-term strategy for support through the entire functional lifespan of the vehicle.

Expect that the MRAP vehicle will undergo continuous improvements in the coming years. With more innovative concepts and better technology, the industry strongly believes that the MRAP vehicle will be transformed into a reliable combat vehicle.

You’ve got plenty of options if you are currently looking for high-quality military vehicles. For more info, check out this site.

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General Questions And Answers About The GED Test

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What does it mean to have GED credentials?

A GED credential documents that you have high school-level academic skills. About 96 percent of U.S. employers, and 95 percent of U.S. colleges and universities accept the GED credential as equal to a traditional high school diploma.

Earning your GED credential will provide you with an opportunity for a better job, or a higher education.

Who is eligible to take the GED Tests?

You may take the GED Tests if:

You are not enrolled in high school, and

You have not graduated from high school, and

You are at least age 16, and

You meet state, provincial, or territorial requirements regarding age, residency, and the length of time since leaving school.

** Requirements slightly vary from state to state. You much contact your local office for exact rules for eligibility.

How should I study for the GED test?

Preparation is an essential part of any important examination. You probably have gained some knowledge and skills thorough life experience, reading, and informal training, but remember that the GED Tests are a rigorous battery of five tests that take more than seven and a half hours to complete. Regardless of your ability, you’ll be more certain to perform your best on the tests if you know what to expect before the testing day arrives. Our site is to help you study and review the material you need for a fail-proof test result.

How much time does it take to complete the GED Tests?

Depending on your level of skills and understanding, the GED tests takes anywhere around 5 to 7 hours to complete. In some areas, you must take the entire battery of tests in one or two sittings. Other places permit you to take a single test each time you come to the testing center and may offer testing in the evenings. It usually takes 15 days (2-3 weeks) for your scores to be reported back to you.

Where do I go to take the GED Tests?

There are approximately 3,400 official GED Testing Centers in the United States, Canada, and their territories. They are usually operated by local school boards, adult education centers, and/or community colleges.

Call (800) 62-MY GED (800-626-9433).

Check with your state, province, or territory’s contact person for GED testing.
If you live outside the United States, Canada, or their territories, you may be able to take the GED Tests at a testing facility operated by Prometric. Contact the regional registration center nearest you for specific information about testing locations and procedures.

How much does it cost to take the GED Tests?

The cost of taking the GED Tests varies widely-from no charge in some U.S. states to as much as $80 in others. Check with our requirements & fees page for the cost in your state.

To find out about fees outside the United States, contact Prometric.

What if I don’t pass all the tests the first time?

You can take one or more of the tests again. However, note that many jurisdictions have special requirements for candidates who don’t pass the GED Tests the first time. You may be required to wait several months or show proof of attending a preparation course before you’re permitted to re-test. You may also have to pay an additional fee. For the specific regulations in your area, check with your state, province, or territory’s contact person for GED testing.

How many questions do I need to get right on each of the GED Tests to earn a passing score?
Each correct answer is worth one point. For each individual GED test, these points are totaled and then converted to a standard score, which ranges from 200 to 800. Candidates need a standard score of 410 in order to pass each of the individual GED Tests and an overall average score of 450 for the five-test battery. To receive a 410 standard score on an individual GED test, candidates generally need to answer 60 to 65 percent of the questions correctly.


Will passing the GED Tests get me into college/university?

About 95 percent of U.S. colleges and universities accept GED graduates in the same manner as high school graduates. GED graduates are also eligible for most federal financial aid if they meet the program’s other criteria. After earning your GED credential, sign up to take the ACT and/or the SAT. The colleges to which you apply may also require you to take placement or achievement tests so that they can determine whether you need additional coursework.

When will my scores arrive?

It usually takes 10-15 days for your score to arrive.

What do my scores mean?

Your official GED transcript contains two sets of numbers: standard scores and percentile ranks. The standard scores make it possible to compare scores across tests and test forms. This is necessary because some tests contain a different number of questions and there are many forms of the GED Tests in circulation, all of them equally difficult.

The percentile rank makes it possible to compare your performance on each one of the tests with the performance of graduating high school seniors. The higher the percentile rank, the better your performance.

Example: Kelly’s total score after completing all five of the GED Tests is 2,850; her average standard score is 570. The percentile rank for that score is 77. The percentile rank of “77” means that Kelly has outperformed 77 out of 100 graduating high school seniors. Such a score places Kelly in the top 25 percent (100-77=23) of graduating U.S. high school seniors in terms of her general academic skills and knowledge.

Are GED graduates eligible for financial aid for college?

Yes. Federal monies are available to GED recipients as they are to traditional high school graduates who meet the eligibility criteria. These requirements usually include demonstrated financial need. A student must be enrolled in an accredited program leading to degrees or certificates. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens and must have Social Security numbers. The U.S. Department of Education’ Office of Student Financial Assistance publishes two booklets that you may find helpful:

Funding Your Education

The Student Guide

Call the Federal Student Aid Information Center, 1-800-4FED AID (1-800-433-3243) Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Eastern time, or write to them at PO Box 84, Washington, DC 20044.

Additional information on financing your college education can also be found on the College is Possible web site.

Visit or call the financial aid office of the school you are planning to attend to get detail information.


How are the GED Language Arts, Writing Test essays scored?
Since January 2002, GED Language Arts, Writing Test (Part II) essays have been scored on a 4-point holistic scale.

Two trained essay readers read each essay and score based on the overall impression. The overall impression of each paper is based on five areas:

Does the paper respond to the assigned prompt-did the candidate use the topic on the test?

Can the reader see or follow an organized plan for development?

Are there specific and relevant details to support the paper’s focus?

Are the conventions of language (grammar, usage, and mechanics) generally followed?

Is the word choice precise, varied, and appropriate?

The two readers’ scores are then averaged. If the essay receives a score of 2 or higher, the essay score is combined with the multiple-choice score to form a composite. If a candidate receives a score of 1 or 1.5 on the essay , there will be no composite score, and the candidate must retake both the essay and multiple-choice portion.

NOTE: Please note that individual essay scores are not reported. On the composite score, the multiple-choice score results represent 65 percent of the composite, and the essay score represents 35 percent.

Essay readers may not be more than one point apart in their scoring. In those cases where the readers are more than one point apart, the Chief Reader for the scoring site will set the score by agreeing with the reader whose score follows the GED Testing Service scale.

What is the passing score for the essay?

A GED candidate must earn a score of 2 or higher on the Language Arts, Writing Test, Part II essay in order to receive a composite score and obtain a passing score.

A candidate needs a score of 2 or higher to earn a passing score. States may set a composite passing score (multiple-choice and essay) that is higher than the current minimum GED passing score of 410. The composite passing score cannot be set lower than the GED Testing Service standard score.

If you received a score on your transcript in the range of 200-800, you would have earned at least a score of 2 (minimum passing score on the 4-point scale) on your essay.

How do GED essay readers score papers?

Good writing needs a focus, organization, and development with specific and relevant examples, details, explanations, etc. You’ll see these elements at the top of our scoring grid. Our readers are especially concerned with the development that supports a focus. They do not, however, look for specific errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics-they don’t score with the same elements in mind that a classroom teacher would.

Can I find out what past topics have been on the writing test? Do I need any prior preparation for the essay?

Candidates will be asked to write on a topic of general interest. The topics are brief and generally ask candidates to state their views and support with examples from their own observation, knowledge, or experience.

The GED testing service do not release their essay topics. However, here at GEDmaster.com we have several essay topics similar to those expected in the GED test. You will be able to get a good understanding on what to expect. In addition, you can submit your essay to any of our teachers to be viewed. One of our teachers will contact you with in 1-2 days with their opinion, corrections, advices, etc…

We strongly encourage you to prepare for the essay. Testers whom been away from school and with no practice, often struggle with the essay writing.

Does the GED-testonline.com offer programs to help prepare GED candidates to write essays for the Language Arts, Writing Test?

Absolutely! We are the only website that offers ESSAY PRACTICE. We have several topics to pick from, and each essay will be graded by one of our staff of teachers and he(she) will grade your paper, and give you and advices or assistance if needed. Write and submit as many essays as you want until you are satisfied – each paper will be graded individually.


What accommodations are available for people with disabilities who want to take the GED Tests?
For candidates with a documented physical, sensory, emotional, or specific learning disability, test accommodations are available. These accommodations may be requested by candidates who have disabilities that can be expected to negatively affect the candidate’s chances of passing the GED Tests.

Tests are available in U.S. English-language Braille, U.S. and Canadian English-language audiocassette, and in large print editions. In addition, with documented disability, the following accommodations to the standard testing environment may be made: extended time, supervised breaks, use of an audiocassette edition, calculator, scribe, and, in some instances, a private room for testing. Some accommodations are not permitted-for example, having the questions read out loud to the candidate. The GED Testing Service does not permit the use of a dictionary or a spell checker.

Each request for accommodation, or for testing session modifications, is considered on an individual basis. To begin the process of requesting an accommodation, a GED candidate should go to the nearest GED Testing Center and request Form L-15 (for specific learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and Form SA-001 (for emotional and physical disabilities). These forms describe the information needed to document the disability. When the form is complete, it should be returned to the GED Testing Center.

Because extended testing hours and special materials are often needed, the first point of contact for the person with a disability or his/her advocate must be the nearest GED Testing Center.

For more information, visit


Jessica Nelson, an e-learning GED-testonline.com instructor with [http://www.ged-testonline.com] is also a curriculum specialist who focuses on research and development, implementation and assessment of best-practice learning solutions for adult learners and people with educational challenges.

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Are sex toys a turn on? Do women enjoy experimenting with “props” in bed? And how do you bring UP the idea of bringing sex toys into the erotic equation in the first place? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at what women like (or don’t) when it comes to sexual accouterments in the sack! Curious to know more? Great… continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Okay… but aren’t sex toys really only a turn on for men? I thought women only pretended to enjoy that stuff so HE would be happy?

The truth? Many women LOVE sex toys and have a large collection of their own that they enjoy both in private… AND with a partner! The simple truth is the days of a woman needing to feel embarrassed, ashamed or “easy” because she enjoys experimenting with passion props are thankfully, long gone. As a matter of fact, many women will gladly tell you the sorts of toys they like, they have… or even that they’d love for you to pick up as your relationship grows and the erotic experimentation expands!

Do all women feel the same way?

Absolutely not, no. Some women feel a social, or sexual stigma about using toys for gratification. Others feel a bit embarrassed, or have other objections as well. But in my experience, and this seems to be growing year after year, more and more women are actively enjoying these sorts of things in private… openly discuss them with our female friends, and as we grow more comfortable (or bold 🙂 with our partners, they are easy to integrate into a more adventurous sex life to boot!

Are there any particular toys that are best?

It really depends on the woman, AND on the man. For example, many smaller men are well suited to use different toys for HER sexual stimulation, than a more well endowed man would need. Or different women have different fetishes, or sensitive spots, or tastes across the board. So communication is key… and the type of body both HE and she have plays a pretty significant role in what sort of props are going to work BEST for both of you!

And One Last thing… Remember:

Women admit that they would prefer a man who COMMUNICATES passionately during sex (which means she wants a little lusty dialogue :-), they want you to learn the landscape a bit better (understand her body) and they PREFER a man who has a powerful anatomy (a thicker penis is preferable.) You can improve all three of these with JUST a little effort..and in my experience, the REWARDS they offer are EACH worth their weight in earth shaking orgasmic gold 🙂

So Click Here to become a more Powerful lover and give her an ORGASM so STRONG… she’ll scream your name in her sleep!

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Useful Facts About G Scale Model Trains

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There are so many model train scales to choose from now. While most people prefer smaller sizes for indoor use, there are also large scale trains that can be used either indoors or outdoors. There are two common types of large scale trains, the G scale and the O scale. The G scale is the larger model.

G scale model trains have a ratio of 1:22. This means that the model train is one twenty-second the size of its full size brethren. The O scale model, also considered as a larger scale train, measures 1:48 to the actual size. O scale trains are roughly half the size of the G scale model. The G scale model trains typically measure about 26.7 inches in length and 6.0 inches in height. O scale models, on the other hand, measure about 16.1 inches long by 3.6 inches high.

The G scale model was first pioneered in Germany by Ernst Paul Lehmann Petentwerk. This company is often refered as the Lehmann Gross Bahn or LGB. In English, it is translated as “Lehmann Big Train”. The company started in 1881 and it also had a branch company in the USA, the LGB of America.

The trains that are G scale models are large. Many people refer to them as “Garden Railroading” since it is usually set up on gardens. This is where the term “G scale comes from. The “G” may have also come from the German word groß, which means big. These trains are designed to run on the No. 1 gauge tracks, which has 45 mm of space between each rail.

One thing that has made the G scale trains the perfect choice for the outdoors is because of its durability. The tracks are typically made of brass, which does not require much maintenance. The only thing that owners would have to do is to give the track a wipe of clean cloth before running the train, and it is good to go. These trains can also serve as indoor trains depending on the makeup of the model.

When it comes to choosing the train models, there are so many to choose from. The two best G scale train manufacturers in America are Bachman and Aristocraft. There are really many great benefits of owning a G scale model train. You would have fun in setting up and designing your unique track. You could really customize it with your own unique landscapes and decorations.

Bigger scale model trains are preferable for small children to play with and enjoy. It is really durable, and it will last through the years even with some light abuse. Setting up and playing with model trains is a great hobby for both parents and children to enjoy together.

There are many different kinds of model trains that are around now. There are always different sizes for different purposes. The larger sizes, particularly the G scale trains, are intended to be durable and can withstand the harsh outdoor environments.

Preston Patrick is a toy model train expert. For more great tips on G Scale Model Trains [http://allaboutmodeltoytrains.com/g-scale-model-trains/], visit [http://allaboutmodeltoytrains.com/].

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What’s The New GM DEXOS Motor Oil All About?

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Modern engines are becoming ever harder on the oil that lubricates them. As engines and oil sumps have gotten smaller reducing the volume of oil the engine holds, performance enhancing additions like turbo changing have become common.

Throw in government mandates for constantly improving fuel economy and pollution control, and you have constantly increasing demands placed on motor oil.

Between advancing new technologies, and ever increasing performance mandates, the oil formulation industry has been continuously changing… As it must!

API (American Petroleum Institute) has represented the interests of all the oil manufactures and first created oil classification groups in 1947.

Since the “S” and “C” categories were introduced about 1970, API has worked closely with both ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and SAE (Society of Automotive engineers) to stay on top of development of engine oils that meet the needs of changing performance demands.

In 1987 though, the AAM (Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers) told the API they were not happy with the way API went about approving new motor oils. AAM created a new committee called ILSAC (International Lubricants standardization and Approval Committee)

ILSAC is made up of nine OEM’s from both North America and Europe and the latest ILSAC standard is called GF-5, an improvement of the former GF-4 mainly aimed at improving motor oil fuel economy benefits and oil robustness and protecting complicated new emissions systems.

As of this writing the API’s most recent categories are “SN” and “SN resource conserving” which apply to gasoline powered passenger cars and light trucks.
API “SN” introduced October 1st, 2010 matches ILSAC GF-5 fairly closely.

In 2010 though General Motors introduced its own motor oil specification through the Dexos 1 oil licensing program and consumers driving model year 2011 and newer GM vehicles will have to use a motor oil recommended for Dexos 1 applications.

Dexos 1 has performance features that exceed those requirements of API SN/ ILSAC GF-5 in some areas and are less strict in others.

Dexos 1 requires performance to be enhanced over what API SN/ ILSAC GF-5 requires in the following areas; engine sludge protection, volatility, piston cleanliness, turbo charger protection, resistance to oxidative thickening, wear protection, seal compatibility, and corrosion protection.

Dexos 1 requirements for emissions systems durability, fuel economy and E-85 emulsion retention (use with gasoline containing alcohol) are somewhat less than what API SN/ ILSAC GF-5 require.

The Dexos 1 licensing program requires oil manufactures to pay a licensing fee to General Motors to use the Dexos1 approved logo; essentially making the sale and use of Dexos 1 motor oils a profit center for GM and increasing the cost of the oil.

Early on the concept GM had for the Dexos 1 licensing program required motor oil manufactures and end-sellers alike to pay a per-quart fee to GM for every bottle of GM Dexos approved oil sold.

In actual implementation though I believe this has changed to a flat fee per year for manufacturers and end-sellers. Since I’m not privy to GM’s decisions and because the Dexos 1 licensing program is still evolving and has changed more than once since its inception only GM and the manufacturers/ end-sellers who have entered the program know the actual fee’s that add to the retail price of Dexos 1 motor oil.

While a quite a few oil manufactures have started making oil that meets the Dexos 1 specification, at the time of this writing any number of motor oil manufacturers including Valvoline and Amsoil have balked at paying this fee saying it does nothing for the consumer but drive up the cost of the oil and are refusing to join GM’s program.

The reality for the consumer is that as long as the motor oil you choose says that it is formulated for the Dexos 1 spec you are covered even if the manufacturer has not purchased the right to use the Dexos 1 approved symbol (paid GM’s licensing fee)

Dan Peterson, Amsoil Inc Vice President of Technical Development stated in a recent interview that while each of the specifications outperforms the other in some certain areas that Amsoil has formulated its full synthetic motor oils to exceed the requirements of API SN, ILSAC GF-5 and GM Dexos 1 in all areas.

Currently Amsoil OE and XL, 5W/30 full synthetic motor oils meet and exceed Dexos 1 requirements and Amsoil plans other such products for 2011.

Amsoil Inc. introduced the first full synthetic motor oil to meet American Petroleum Institute requirements in 1972. Today Amsoil is considered the world leader in synthetic motor oils and lubricants.

Larry Crider is a lubrication specialist and a 25+ year veteran distributor for Amsoil inc., makers of high quality synthetic lubricants for nearly any application.

To contact Larry go to http://www.synlubepros.com

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The Scary Truth About Soy Protein and Bodybuilding

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Inevitably there’s a myth that soy protein is horrible for bodybuilding and that if you are any where near serious about working out or building muscle you will stay away from it. In fact, some sites show ‘studies’ that soy protein and soy products can be detrimental to your health. And while it’s true that early claims of soy wonders might not be entirely true, there’s also myth that soy protein is bad.

First off, there’s a concept called the Biological Value Scale that was developed to measure the quality of specific proteins. It basically rates how efficiently your body will use a given protein source. The higher the BV (biological value), the more amino acids and nitrogen your body is retaining from the foods you eat. In sum, it becomes a way to measure the potential for quality muscle growth and strength.

There was a time when egg whites were at the top of the BV with a score of around 100. Since then, whey proteins have toped out the scales around 106-159 BV. This means that whey protein is better used for quality muscle growth.

But first a warning!

This doesn’t mean that all you would utilize is whey protein for all your needs. Many times bodybuilders will use a variety of proteins depending on the BV and the times of day and if they just finished a workout.

Let me explain… Your protein needs in the morning are different then the middle of the day and are different again AFTER a workout and again different before bed.

All this means is that no one protein is the best for any given time. But before I get lost… let me show you the biological value scale in a simple form.

Type of Protein :: Biological Value Rating

Whey: 106-159 Egg: 100 Cow’s Milk: 91 Fish: 83 Casein: 80 Beef: 80 Chicken: 79 Soy: 74 Wheat Gluten: 54 Kidney Beans: 49

For all these reasons, you can and should see that soy protein is listed lower. That just means it’s not the most anabolic of proteins for optimal muscle growth.

But don’t get me wrong…

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat soy protein if you enjoy it. It simply means that barring any religious beliefs or personal preferences, soy would not be the ideal protein source for enhanced muscle gains. This doesn’t mean you cannot have it or that it’s bad for you.

In fact, let’s continue on with a little example.

John Q. Public 13% body fat 184 lbs 160 lbs of LBM (lean body mass)

For simplification we’ll just say that for every LB of LBM (pound of lean body mass) John wants to get 1 g of protein.

John should be consuming 160 g of protein a day.

Here’s where the myth and some problems come into play! Read carefully.

If you get a vast amount of your protein from less BV sources then optimal (beans, soy) you will not prime your muscles for optimal anabolic growth. John shouldn’t be getting 150+ grams of soy protein a day IF he wants to create the most muscle mass and he has no personal reasons not to use better quality sources.

John also won’t be in jeopardy of losing muscle or wasting his efforts if he ingests small quantities of soy proteins because he likes them. Having soy in his cereal is not going to make a difference.

The myth that soy will cause men to produce estrogen is when VAST quantities are ingested. Far beyond what any rational person would want to do on a prolonged basis.

A bodybuilder that has soy will not feel any differences, be any less anabolic then another person who does not consume soy at all.

Fact: A long-term metabolic balance study in young men to assess the nutritional quality of an isolated soy protein and beef proteins (VR Young, A Wayler, C Garza, FH Steinke, E Murray, WM Rand, and NS Scrimshaw) was published in 1984 by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Am. J. Clinical Nutrition, Jan 1984; 39: 8 – 15.

After 84 days of two groups, one totally isolated soy protein and the other on beef proteins, found a conclusion that:

“Body cell mass measurements did not reveal any deterioration in protein nutritional status. These observations confirm the prediction, derived from previous short-term nitrogen balance studies, that the nutritional quality of isolated soy protein is high and that this plant protein can serve as the sole source of essential amino acids and nitrogen for protein maintenance in adults.”

So let me summarize and review…

Soy is not the most biological available source for optimal anabolic muscle growth. If you were to finish a workout, you would want to ingest some high quality whey protein vs. soy proteins. However, simply having soy doesn’t mean it’s bad for bodybuilding unless you are getting a majority of your protein from soy products. Then it’s not optimal. You’d also need to ingest quite a bit on a daily basis for any negative effects of soy to manifest (specifically aimed at males in this sentence).

Copyright 2006 Marc David

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A Man’s P Spot – What I Should Know About My Man’s P Spot

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If you think you know your man think again. There is one part in your man’s body that you need to explore. This is the man’s p spot. This is his second most sensitive body part. There are men who even claim that the p spot’s nerve endings are way more intense than that of the penis. You have to explore this to find out.

Women and even men themselves are not well educated about their body parts. There are only few people who know about the significance of this part. You should not allow yourself to be left behind. You and your man should know how to stimulate this very sexy spot.

At the back end of your man’s body, you may access his p spot. This is also known as perineum spot, or the southern area of his prostate. It is accessible from the anus because the prostate is just adjacent to his rectum. To be able to hit the spot, you simply have to find the bump.

There is no absolute measurement that would tell you where the bump is from the opening. There is an approximation though. Most of the time, it is two centimetres away from his opening. If this is not true for your man, you do not have to panic right away. It is possible that the bump can be found farther than two centimetres. Some men have theirs at the deeper part of their rectum.

To be able to stimulate this properly, and produce a great orgasm, you have to tap the bump gently. Another option would be to massage the perineum in a circular motion. You may also press it. The only thing you have to do is to be very gentle. You have to be really careful in handling this part of his body because it is delicate.

Make sure that you have trimmed your nails before doing this. Long nails can result to a wounded or even infected prostate. There could actually be bacteria underneath your prostate that could be transported to his perineum. Sickness such as prostatitis may develop if you are not careful.

Another thing you need to know about your man’s p spot would be the different feelings he might experience during the course of the massage. He might feel that he is about to urinate. Tell him that is just normal. Prostate is very near his bladder hence the urinating-like feeling.

Massaging the perineum is not an activity that would work as a surprise. Both of you have to get used to the different sensations and tensions. Since you will be touching his bottom, this might be a new experience for both of you. Therefore, you have to practice a lot and be familiar with all the techniques.

Practice will make it easier for both of you. If you get to do it in regularly, you will eventually get the hang of it. Also, the muscle tension would lessen because you are familiar with the movements and sensations. Hence, his anal muscles would not be as tensed as it was before, and it would be easier for penetration.

If your man is willing, both of you could actually take advantage of this activity. You may help him reach a perineum orgasm and he could service you right after. It could be a bedroom rendezvous that the two of you can learn at the same time. Make use of this opportunity to know each other better, and be a better lover.

Start your journey to finding your man’s p spot today.

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