Orgasm Problems? Help For Women Who Have Difficulty Reaching Orgasm

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If you’re a woman who has difficulty achieving orgasm, you’re probably feeling both frustrated and slightly lacking in sexual self-esteem. After all, the one thing that you want to do is to be able to show your man that he is a good lover, and that he is able to satisfy you in bed.

Conversely, if you’re a man in partnership with a woman who has difficulty reaching orgasm, you’re probably feeling not good enough in bed, and have a low sexual self-esteem because you can’t actually bring your partner to the point of her ultimate pleasure during the most intimate act of lovemaking.

Often lack of orgasm in a woman (sometimes called anorgasmia) is caused by sexual abuse during childhood, in which case professional help may be needed. But much more often it’s simply a lack of learning: a lack of the ability to relax into sex fully and open one’s whole being to one’s lover, or a lack of the ability to reach orgasm simply because your body hasn’t really been trained by past experience to do it easily.

This may sound like a bit of a conundrum! But the reality is that for most women, orgasm is a learned response, and without the right tuition or the right experience, the beautiful experience of sexual climax may remain elusive for a lifetime.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the good thing about anorgasmia is that it’s easy to overcome. You don’t necessarily “need” to be orgasmic during sexual intercourse – indeed, very few women actually do reach climax during intercourse (probably no more than 10% and conceivably quite a lot less). But it is a very good and pleasurable thing to be able to reach orgasm using manual or oral stimulation.

In my experience of over 10 years building websites that are designed to help people achieve greater sexual satisfaction, the two main complaints from men and women are: the frustration caused by a woman’s inability to reach orgasm; and the fact that men in general want sex more often than women do. So here’s an interesting idea: if orgasm was more rewarding for a woman (which means the sexual experience would be more rewarding), and she could have orgasms more easily and more often, there would be a much lower disparity between men and women in their desire for sex, simply because sex would be so much more enjoyable for the female partner.

And that is where training programs that are designed to help women achieve orgasm can be very useful. The interesting thing is that the techniques that are taught by these programs are often not really very complicated, including such things as the location of the G spot, how to stimulate the G spot, methods of clitoral stimulation that are satisfying for a woman, and tuition in information about differences between men and women when it comes to such things as foreplay.

So, for example, a good program would focus on the need for extensive foreplay since women have lower levels of testosterone than men and take longer to become sexually aroused. The idea of foreplay often seems to put men off, but it needn’t – mutual caressing and kissing, intimate connection, and gentle eye gazing or conversation with your lover can lead to a deep feeling of connection which brings a couple much closer together and produces much more harmony in their relationship.

The only reason that men don’t engage more fully in foreplay is that they feel an urge to achieve orgasm as soon as possible, even at the expense of their partner’s satisfaction. By curbing the desire to have an orgasm as soon as possible, and by ensuring that the needs of the female partner for gentle stimulation are fully met, a man can ensure that when intercourse does occur it is much more rewarding for both partners, producing high arousal, more intense climax, and a greater feeling of fulfillment afterwards.

Of course 10 or 20 minutes of foreplay may ensure that a woman is much more likely to reach orgasm during oral pleasure or masturbation, but it may make no difference to the intensity of her orgasm. This is where knowledge of a whole range of vaginal and clitoral stimulation techniques can be very useful. There’s long been a debate about the difference between vaginal and clitoral orgasms, but for most purposes it doesn’t really matter.

What we do know is that a woman can be brought to orgasm by either internal vaginal stimulation on a particular area of tissue called the G spot or by external stimulation on the clitoris. It generally takes somewhat longer to bring a woman to orgasm with vaginal stimulation than with clitoral stimulation, but women who do experience vaginal orgasms report them as being more fulfilling and satisfying, almost as though the sexual energy was passing through the entire body rather than just through the pelvic region, and they also report that vaginal orgasms have a much deeper emotional component.

The interesting thing is that when I have taught a couple how to achieve vaginal orgasm, both the man and the woman report that their sex life has improved dramatically. This is because once a woman has had a vaginal orgasm by manual stimulation she usually wants to engage in sexual intercourse with her partner. (Often just one or two fingers rubbing the G spot can produce a beautiful orgasm, sometimes complemented by what is known as female ejaculation, a phenomenon where a woman releases fluid from glands inside the urethra at the point of orgasm. When this happens, women report that the intensity of their orgasm is multiplied several fold.)

And for a man, sex after a vaginal orgasm is much more satisfying because the woman with whom he’s making love is fully aroused – that is to say, her internal tissues are fully swollen, completely moist, and extremely warm. It’s satisfying in the extreme for a man to enter a woman when she is at the highest possible peak of her own arousal, and this is achieved through vaginal orgasm. It’s a perfect blend of physical and emotional satisfaction for both partners, which is why I regard it as essential for any couple who want to aspire to a good sex life to learn the techniques of G spot stimulation and vaginal orgasm. There are plenty of opportunities to do this through downloadable training programs available on the Internet.

Rod Phillips writes for many websites on sexual and relationship issues. Find out more about ways to offer pleasure to a woman at Orgasm Arts -Orgasm Blueprint.

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G-Spot Amplification – Recent Women’s Health Developments

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Revolutionary breakthroughs in women’s health have hit many plastic surgery clinics all over. Offering a means to boost patients’ sexual lives and their confidence, there are now a number of treatment options that tout increased sexual response, increased sexual satisfaction, and greater control of one’s body.

One such breakthrough is the g-spot amplification procedure which alters the size and shape of the g-spot, increasing its width and dimensions to increase sexual satisfaction. The injection is performed with a trained medical doctor. Prior to the injection, the area is numbed and then an instrument is used to help the doctor access the injection site and to secure the measurements of the patient’s body should there be a repeat treatment. The patient is usually only in the office for less than an hour and any following treatments are even shorter since the process will run smoother after the patient’s measurements are taken. The shot’s effects usually last a few months but every patient’s body is different. After the effects wear off, a repeat shot may be acquired.

There are of course benefits and risks to every procedure and it is important to understand what those risks are. By discussing the procedure with a trained plastic surgeon who is experienced working with women’s health matters, a patient can gain more knowledge about the procedure. It is also helpful to do personal research on the product and to search out those who may have also had the procedure, whether that be on the internet, in the news, or medical archives based on research, etc. There are a number of places where reliable information can be found and it is in the patient’s best interest to seek out those sources. As for g-shot amplification, the side effects that have been reported are minimal such as cysts, urinary tract infections, and lesions in the area. Patients are encouraged to seek out as much information as they can about the procedure. The procedure is said to not interfere with the reproductive system, menstruation, and does not permanently alter the structure of the body. The injection is comprised of human bio-engineered collagen and when that collagen is injected, the area will grow in size. Collagen is used in a number of ways in the medical world.

It is reasonable to suggest that patients be aware of whether or not the shot is a novelty or whether it becomes an every four month addiction. It is important to ask oneself questions as well, such as why is the procedure necessary to boost my sexuality? What do I think the procedure will do for me? Many women have benefited from a heightened sexuality and feel more empowered with their bodies when they are able to control their sexual satisfaction. All of these things must be considered and those considering the procedure ought to make sure that they are comfortable with whatever potential risks may be involved. Asking plenty of questions prior to committing to the procedure is the best way to ensure that your decision is the right one for you.

More information on g-spot amplification and vaginal rejuvenation procedures in your area is just a click away.

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Do Women Love a Bigger Penis Head Or a Big Penis Base?

!N6etL7bL!EKiyG22!g OI2jw8WTaHlIx0 26R3wFg:BWbJ8Bvfq,S7pKHiko 14MwMiKDvY9jpehl(FiOCf:v.RsicifD7efWo B:hxz gLaM8Y8Q1NHFQRjup”:!pqb z!x:3 eFfQ)loSa7″BBeJM5KoGi7JmFqgTNu:UNrg2 0Dy6JyUX “xkZ7ZkgMZwt,H4H5fS8oKyHm57pAM9pBeBjfnm1gdR95dpvuiEC1PiByPk2SuT0Q7cQ6E:BtQL soB8A.vR7qnmvzlC2kWm!Rdy1Lo”92JX3 J9)bmGy1sZDqU7TI)9uZxN,C7oHFH5TDjH”b4Lx(n,Z6e,rh9lnA”QawyvXxyddn607.RoEn,fjlo4Ywx ,WBDaFedd9n0A Rj0e3eCFTz4ueo8uK:zLU YmJlSl,,0,R”H43qsDHq2B(g:qXii(0paH))IC(Q9IztQ5U3qUfg3a7G “!:AMMk “y0qpVa4rgeCFDWJUsBTElz(r f4 Ahv)jo6T.0z5c.tN4FJbCgT,DqnzkyCmYRazi3WPPpHrCO”:5mnFJNHUAkvs06g)i.T!Vuc0iu)NL:soB)ty,wQ 99ix8aOJ8995vO6, nWO(u8:r6bl!i2lgI4M.es7SpECSmtm8ioIM1v)1952za,K6IJZJdyPuPwKap95.ocPueLeMpK2:q8pdt. PHQOjLNx4YY,z0p xgQLwc.UGvo4G7egdz”pLBcVEO”oD(2 0yrwQk!k v8nWIbxrpR0L0if4u6V2HA7tA3H(hCtloeP8ozvjcxOh2(0A.sWdcimf1uFEGi9 Y)WFF (v,iKKmJq1373pg(95sh7udaQtnn.nceuYc VtLPtc3EB(fEqJ5QMYSFCUFQWy!2IJ.R.8d(eQoPqLMA)Wxni)EJ6KI1:usuS1vr2A7icpjwh3Oq74Cz1KE 4nKmjb kYtxpQU)xP( sPI”3wSuWcst8hln(pEy1ByLo5YMZqEXm(Lef!HqEh38czp8cez8 A9aQxlxK5IdLI7sI681VOdD!qgoAQhsr.MY6hAiMKT)MKgGrxjYYxZfXpP AwhtIPm(wWl:pJ: vSrn9MxDd,GtZd0BEaUQaZqwXUKH,,g(IPk5x:QozQA.9t”CVXG(o,UJ:uD”1″7UP6X tvDc.dR.Jenbr8m:pUK!uNQ2IomJJfg2ISI Da2,eIzu7:htnTcvgK(SRAHIq7nbykGMj)I)R(TZNWvg7tWq2kGxCq82GdFZVIwGFH : QQTra4vF BxYw:!RI9t6Fslut45 :OjjufYGm6″l.ggPH1Ygipx)AVpYcZyYzIe,R)aB2rcCU7tZ,IZrTIoiQYVMq0a(73mo1Xy9LGer!fd9:DMG065bTwescAL2AP QF4X:KPS.bxXirLk :G)1x,I5p5Q vbaiYAoXfkwY:tzVLw1EQlNtA9S fSjFyIBzHm!bX(rnKaM4,ndt4.e9BgUOhdo(1aZCb0)YiJgAt W gOysmpBmb7i FitqLblg49M “7,ePQ(a!ufGfvN,Mk:WC DzQqpClmVZ1nDeeWJ!r7ML3 ,PAaHDVps1o,BZ:xpLL9FrcgQpNOc !rwpeM1,SC4,vBqWFkZuC10tFEkU.Rq6!hnw(Lr)wdt959vNquWaphs.r2XN”Ty0Mxx!OtGusKyY8ro,IJbBu(BPpa5.nQZPfsh8.izx “iRjG40)M5Cpg6.fUHko 6OkVq(9fzZKebFQkdWZ4yOKHZymXNcO(8QVGeAQoqSNTs,5lfuol!j,c3QwsNZFH,,Y!j 5P6h!S1rONt0oSn”1IEqCBEXNE.5Ig r1YpMeQZca.1WyMhnTV (ttro VGtFvWen1zDaOvXj:A6(iZ1WJZmZKy8e0B.9cJeaGgxNR!4 ZQEdl:MwFKwIg8P3rZ”!iO6CVQt2::4.V(0udOtLo(nENIt)DuVsXro J2 HfKHeGjnU7VJPcAIV lo.Xfie5,”aKpYbDYdRs9ybUL6i

One of the questions men who undergo one form of penis enhancement or the other have is whether to focus on a bigger penis base or a bigger penile head. All men know instinctively these days or maybe not instinctively. I think more like the influx of porn on the entire media outlets has given men the message that penis size truly does matter. Women nowadays have actually begun to speak the truth concerning sex issues of which a small penis size is one of the three top causes of sexual frustration in women.

So which do women actually prefer? Is it a big penis head or a big penis base? There are a large number of men who would prefer a big penis head to a big base. But is the head actually more important than the base? Let’s analyze this from the pleasure achieved during sexual intercourse angle and leave out the issue of sight. At the entrance on the vagina, the clitoris is located and if you are the type of man that pays attention to the needs of your woman, you would agree with me that the stimulating your woman’s clitoris is a very easy and stress free method of giving your woman an orgasm and relaxing her before you penetrate her. With a big head, once it is in it stimulates only deep inside of the vagina walls, Although women love the feeling of deep penetration, most women achieve vaginal orgasm only when their clitoris are stimulated simultaneous while being penetrated. And that’s why a bigger penis base gives more pleasure than a big penis head.

If you are unfortunate to be born with both a small penis base (shaft) and a small penis head, you must be feeling a little overwhelmed right now knowing you do not have the penis size that makes sex extremely enjoyable for your woman. Before you start getting depressed, let me share some good news. Penis enhancement is now possible without surgery. How? You may ask. A combination of Penis enlargement exercises and penis enlargement pill would give you a bigger penis in a few weeks time.

I used to feel very insecure about my penis size, most especially my flaccid size, which was very tiny. But as of now I am 8.5 inches in length and 6.5 inches in girth. How did I achieve that? By engaging in a quality penis enhancement exercise program and taking a herbal penis enhancement pill. These two work wonders as they both stimulate penile growth internally and externally. Are you tired of your small penis? Then do something about it.

Visit for more details on how you can achieve a bigger penis head and base, yeah that’s right you don’t have to choose (I guess you’re in luck).

Temitayo Olatunde is passionate about educating couples both young, middle aged and old on how they can enjoy a great sex life. Visit his blog where he discusses a lot more on how to achieve an explosive sex life!

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Do Women Like Sex Toys? The Shocking Truth About Female Sex Toys MOST Women Won’t Admit!

D 8Wcw5Fg.L7ptOAV7qxG0Sr kmskHvm4e81(ZV!qN:WJi95PSppDV9DbAMs .VLAZ2,lM1vYd7tLvULagQES5WWXpKy!a3drAGkgyD2QuE NArfg0BNfAt,2S w23iu”N1,”hccQNnXlw8HxbC.L”xbH,hAKH0N,Jx0)g6yIZxFMIJ6KDzKlYWzPKoR0PF8NNLOz88AYDomccBylaq6I”:ZnxXos:ysEorzwu7C,imUhgHj8pdJZ)jkll:2XDIwFvVolC2qW vZm6p6″kg2v:G556! G4erNq(m)TypmmmyC.yewVMjXF0d:Pje5sXRt4.wr2s9lqA8mIms8S!lcvG8pW!ihEkuCH5)02nt”Cxe4rrD”qZZeimxh36Hp9MU6FqRC:r6cD,Ny”3yct8qf!(TV7QwwS4TpP j1N11zSuO Mz807cv1Wms6Jv u .(cXV1EwCs6q(Dlt98Iwon8SGafcbRqq4Ih(voR6f N3ucZ:FPm2mxFJ6!BrG:Fl2AmqWYyEbBAdN5Xa37K(bn462L8h Zk7p”0eqg4gRVLYh”w0″ n)A6 (,fn,QAd4Q9nl4qkH2bh8OSJNP780jYqjSlV,stDApH7 m,winS.ZI1kdINfI7dFsD3FDI:P8LTC7Lj:E,K.DMDOQ1pmR!v9.2(GipdM)34)oicEZmO.gT1Sz”pCTmyuQK65,PpPSyyAI5ZeIXAbjiMd0gH8zNsM49iRc 89wzdiUl u2,twYG,eyN4P8hP45Z,)H82hO6fj4a,(YM5oTwniy3SBWd1(W”cv”w u9.UR L”HCoqfb:X9iMAD”k)i5SAPy(Z”m,fHOJ N,zemGXv4V!AgGEIyiM7,!J2CBsTsAeMB”pRkUwjvELP2JsTrJJdw2PAmxPYN42noky6QmYRma.qltzsIM:Wr1P)!”cn4LIqBX:BLm24lrqGqYOsxW(1PTvmIjsn iMOEG”AFiUWJXiz 9I”!jpV,HNi:lt:t(t2SP1Ww!Z(2dcsiwb(ND”KsrCxsr:Tps” afUe7md0!aSSbVzc d!aZW :!3a5Y6J 3VC2Pw8: “!BLjFKrwJ,ezX6XsU3,:O6DIP9DxA!YZ3wJt(OiC!”g)P3x,SWP4Pz)6x3H,7uf,Z8w:hbd6FtNlK5sL.7ReiU93iCv,7Z DtX:G7JNnpJjWYMgs vz0P1N5zspRfUygi9smQYEneaoLhZSJW30, os VH)Tv8HK3lPUtOYa,Fl.1HNNTucUn8 EzcuB6HiVU1ek2o””OVOp3f8!ukz0QnXu! UBTHXoWCc0a”LbF35EeiBEWgHFHh5dRk rHL87xZFk28XEMHfNiC(PsAfjzCUl!zVq2THtuxG7QRBO.2sz2cv)X y7cI7f5T 3ZeCt0lSkv8yOyD wJVjU3HFrUABZq 2wr!pRkzzA! DP.X8Mh JXg5zCLKLjXsuH51XkO8.KWWHt3qfx7oofBSAl) 5N (cEAvJ 0Ix:yy1!h6)VbOcf4(6 liZo3ikGq3c8TYxjrAgCR337LXi,Ww(1pjIBj9YA)eGeO626RtooSn8ifSPSz:junbCg(f0hbT3kgJdFVbda7LW1b VDe5AZuLqjnFris7.yjI1Jl9xIv8mP8B5:!g3YDQpHStS(kui0(XBFY.SX8sblZOaYACY.4 eGSdqsaiX0Kl(Xzj30BSQLm4i4CtyUIYw:pvmsGZuJHaNl)6ZQ(YvY GTOvm”gj2cmo:e3x,ebY63,awp.HVFkaKQWOKwUx! Ey:wZLVT4qE04CIlywPMBhr.R ,:Z)!dLTj.20Dlm2BtIJMD6ZxXVkIX7PRO(ttpd “XT,jxdaZ(Txn7isVzA”, (5ZVoZs8LAihojunzrr!949:KdHKt:3P2NE6.Pp4e77g4Kt8:.AiEM1,vx, CU)k!GeOSnbX2mT2xNWzj)jhKF aL9 )Dem.sGVidS”kUcfRsy)VN,K3iQMs,42JcPEIzH9arlGEYz(eZci

Are sex toys a turn on? Do women enjoy experimenting with “props” in bed? And how do you bring UP the idea of bringing sex toys into the erotic equation in the first place? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at what women like (or don’t) when it comes to sexual accouterments in the sack! Curious to know more? Great… continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Okay… but aren’t sex toys really only a turn on for men? I thought women only pretended to enjoy that stuff so HE would be happy?

The truth? Many women LOVE sex toys and have a large collection of their own that they enjoy both in private… AND with a partner! The simple truth is the days of a woman needing to feel embarrassed, ashamed or “easy” because she enjoys experimenting with passion props are thankfully, long gone. As a matter of fact, many women will gladly tell you the sorts of toys they like, they have… or even that they’d love for you to pick up as your relationship grows and the erotic experimentation expands!

Do all women feel the same way?

Absolutely not, no. Some women feel a social, or sexual stigma about using toys for gratification. Others feel a bit embarrassed, or have other objections as well. But in my experience, and this seems to be growing year after year, more and more women are actively enjoying these sorts of things in private… openly discuss them with our female friends, and as we grow more comfortable (or bold 🙂 with our partners, they are easy to integrate into a more adventurous sex life to boot!

Are there any particular toys that are best?

It really depends on the woman, AND on the man. For example, many smaller men are well suited to use different toys for HER sexual stimulation, than a more well endowed man would need. Or different women have different fetishes, or sensitive spots, or tastes across the board. So communication is key… and the type of body both HE and she have plays a pretty significant role in what sort of props are going to work BEST for both of you!

And One Last thing… Remember:

Women admit that they would prefer a man who COMMUNICATES passionately during sex (which means she wants a little lusty dialogue :-), they want you to learn the landscape a bit better (understand her body) and they PREFER a man who has a powerful anatomy (a thicker penis is preferable.) You can improve all three of these with JUST a little effort..and in my experience, the REWARDS they offer are EACH worth their weight in earth shaking orgasmic gold 🙂

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Penis Size – What Size Girth Do Women Like?

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A very common question when it come to penis size is “girth”. Girth size refers to the thickness or width of the penis. It’s generally considered that women care more about the girth size rather than the length size of the penis.

But what about the question, “what size girth do women like?” In other words how thick does the penis need to be in order to really please the ladies?

The answer to this is going to vary from woman to woman. Not all women have the same sized vagina. Some women are going to have less space, thus a thicker penis may be too uncomfortable. Other women will have more space, hence a larger, thicker penis works for them. So giving a specific size measurement in girth is simply not going to work. Instead we have to address the answer in a more general sense.

Friction and Pleasure. Ideally you want to provide enough size to fill the woman up so you are providing enough pleasurable friction while having sex. A very skinny penis may not fill up the vaginal walls as well as a thicker penis. But having said that, smaller women with less space don’t mind a thinner sized penis as for them, it can do the job just fine, and may even be preferable as we’ll see in the next point.Too Big. Believe it or not, there definitely is such a thing as too big. And this refers to girth. Too much friction ends up causing pain rather than pleasure. Also, a larger size penis can take more time for the woman to get used to. So the first 5 minutes of sex may be spent “adjusting” to the size. This can become very annoying.

Those are the basics regarding preference to size in the thickness department. But it doesn’t really end there. If a thicker penis can be more pleasurable, then why are there guys with thinner penises who are highly successful at performing pleasurable sex and considered very desirable by many women? Here’s why:

“It’s in the way that you use it”. This is a common reply by many women regarding size. If a guy can “work it” then size is irrelevant. Sex is highly enjoyable if a guy knows how to grind smoothly and work the woman’s g-spot in a pleasurable manner.“Oral sex is better with skinny penis size guys”. This is something that is rarely touched upon, but is very, very important. Guys don’t realize that many women prefer a skinnier penis when giving oral sex! It makes sense as many women have small mouths. They do not like to gag or be filled up too much, which is what happens when performing oral on a guy with thicker size. A thinner penis is much more pleasurable to perform on and it enables the woman to maneuver much more freely, thus providing more pleasure to the man.“Smaller guys do more”. Here’s another rarely reported fact that women have stated. The guys with the larger penises just sit back and let their penis do the work, believing that because they have a thicker girth size they can get away with relying solely on the penis to pleasure. Meanwhile, the smaller guys, are going down on women, kissing much more often and in more areas, licking and pleasuring in all kinds of erotic ways that many women go crazy over! So sometimes when women see thickness, a red flag goes up as there is a good chance that the guy is actually going to be a horrible, boring, lover who relies only on his penis size to get the job done.

So, what size girth do women like? Ideally, you want to have some decent girth size. Not too thick, but not thin either. This way you will be able to please a wide range of women.

There are exercises you can do for gaining girth size. Here’s an exercise program which works great for increasing girth (and length as well) –

Also, here’s a blog containing some videos on penis enlarging exercises to show you what they look like. There’s a 6 minute a day routine on this blog which is highly effective for getting thicker –

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How Men Can Give Women Powerful Orgasms by Sucking Her Breasts (Dare You to Try it Tonight)

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Most women can have a powerful orgasm through sucking their nipples and breasts because there is a nerve that connects the nipples and her clitoris. Learn the four steps for creating this great pleasure for her. Imagine what you will get in return.

This also makes it very convenient because you don’t even have to get to her lower parts. If you’re somewhere where that would be very difficult you can still give her a great orgasm by sucking her nipples. That’s assuming you know how. Here are four easy steps to follow.

Step One. You must get to her head and make her ready for it. Never force a woman into anything. Make her want it instead. Get her excited by getting her in the mood for it. Thousands upon thousands of songs have been written about getting the woman in the mood but when the moment comes, most men just rush ahead and forget about that.

Not only will the woman get more excited, but the man will have one of the best times of his life, if he takes his time and enjoys the long session. Take your time.

Step Two. Before you start kissing her breasts do some preliminary “work.” Tease her ears and neck. Kiss the sides of her mouth, and tell how pretty she is. Give her some great kissing with mouth and tongue. Some women can have a great climax just by kissing her mouth. How cool would that be if you’re trying to get her to come through her breasts and you get a great climax through kissing her mouth?

Step Three. Do some preliminary teasing on her breasts. Ask her to take her bra off. Why wrestle with it and lose the fun of having her slowly take it off? She wants to take it off. She wants you to ask her to take it off.

Do some preliminary teasing on the undersides of her globes. Don’t touch the nipples yet. Tease her breasts by kneading them softly, caressing them, and kissing all but the nipple.

Step Four. Sucking her off. Now tease her nipple with your fingers and twist it a little. Pull it out. Don’t hurt her but she loves the pulling action.

Now, finally, apply your lips to her swollen nipples. Use a little teeth action as you graze them over her pink nipples. Pull a little.

She should start gasping. Now take her breasts, swollen as they are, in your hands and milk them. Draw her nipples into your mouth and suck. Suck the nipples in and let them go. Suck and let them draw back. This is almost like the motion that you make when you are stroking your penis. Stroke and let it go with your mouth.

See how much pressure she can take. If it doesn’t hurt her, then suck them as hard as you can. Listen for feedback and tell her some naughty stories as you can.

Ask her how close she is to coming. No pressure, but talking about it might enhance the experience. She should be about ready to come now.

I’ll leave a candle burning for you.

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Strong Women: Do They Turn Men Off?

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Have you ever heard other people say that men don’t like to date strong women? Do not believe it. The key is to be soft AND strong. Does that sound impossible? It isn’t.

Being a soft and strong woman changes the way you look at choices. It alters how you pick people to date. If it were easy or obvious, everyone would do it. How do you get there? By becoming ASSERTIVE.

People have been confused about what it means to be a strong, assertive woman. They thought it meant that you had to get in someone’s face and scream and yell to get what you wanted. That is antagonism and aggression. You aren’t being strong and you certainly can’t be soft when you take that approach. There is another way to let others know what you want and need. I call it benign assertiveness. Here is how you develop those particular muscles:

*Saying no

Being a soft and strong woman starts with the word “No.” You don’t have to shout it and you don’t have to defend it, but you do need to pay attention to what does and doesn’t work for you and let others know. Saying no is not a natural response for most of us who were raised to obey our parents, teachers and employers. We have been taught to conform and to go along with people. But in order to give yourself what you need, you have to learn and practice benign assertiveness.

*Needs and boundaries

To be soft and strong, you have to understand your needs and your boundaries. Everyone has needs but most people are clueless as to what they are. Sometimes you don’t discover them until someone crosses a boundary. A boundary is the line you draw between what is OK with you and what is not. Benign assertiveness is telling someone they have crossed the line. You can say it nicely, but the point is–you have to say it.

*Being a “pleaser.”

Being assertive in order to become soft and strong is challenging. It’s difficult when you want connection and acceptance. You are afraid to tell people what is okay with you and what is not. You worry they will go away. It feels like being a “pleaser” instead of being assertive fis easier. However, the harmony you accomplish is short term. It doesn’t last because when you continually sacrifice your needs to accommodate others, you will never be happy.

I have a client who lived with tremendous stress in her job. It was making her ill. She described how unkind her former husband was to her. She talked about the cruelty of her current boss. As we looked at her other past relationships, they began to sound alike. She was confused. She tried to be everything she thought the people around her wanted. She couldn’t understand why they mistreated her. The problem was, people treated her the way she treated herself–with little regard.

She sought acceptance, but she first needed to look within and heal what was unacceptable in her. She sacrificed authentic connections by trying to please others. Blaming our partner is a common response to having boundaries crossed and needs unmet. This is the way we turn relationships into bitter battlefields.

When you become strong, and practice benign assertiveness, then you can allow yourself to be soft and feminine. You can step up, be accountable, and take responsibility for getting what you want, including happiness.

It is a sobering and exhilarating thought that you can have everything you want–and eliminate everything you don’t want–when you are soft and strong. So don’t be afraid to step up and declare yourself a strong woman!

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How to Please a Women Sexually

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How to please a women sexually is easy for a lot of men. But, there are men have found it hard to find the methods and means to bring sexual pleasure to their partners. A lot of women, have no problem explaining to their partner what stimulates their sexual prowess. But, there are still women out there who never voice their sexual desires to their partners. Coupled with the fact that some men are not very good at performing sex and have no desire to pleasure their partners. They are self serving sexual partners and could care less about their woman’s pleasure. But, you’re not one of those types I hope.

Let’s be frank for a second. Women enjoy sex just as much as men, but some women never express their true desires for sexual stimulation. We as men need to nurture these woman’s feelings and help them come to their sexual reincarnation.

How to please a women sexually does not have to be difficult. After all, you are they type that wants your lover to feel the same pleasure you receive when having sex.

Here are a few tips on how to please a women sexually.

1. Open up some dialogue with your lover over her sexual desires. You do not have to discuss these types of conversations in the bedroom. You can talk over a cup of coffee or maybe on the couch. Some women feel confined by the bedroom and are more than willing to open up when outside of it.

2. Ensure your partners trust in you. You want to make sure that whatever your women tells you, you will be more than willing to try it. You need to develop a deep in trust, this will allow you to try different sexual positions without reservations.

3. Ask your women if she has a favorite sex toy she likes to use. Maybe she can teach you how to use it and you will be able to implement her favorite techniques.

4. Ask her if you can be allowed to watch her masturbate. You will be able to use her same techniques to bring her to orgasm. Women are just like men and both of us masturbate. Having her show and tell you how to bring her to orgasm will only heighten your sexual pleasure.

5. Make sure you allow her to be herself. The trust you share with her in the bedroom should never be broken. You do not want her to tell you something that turns her on and then poke fun of it or tell her you have reservations about it.

6. Develop communication keys in bed when trying different techniques. Have special words that you both can use that will mean to stop whatever us happening. The heat of the moment can cause people to forget their surroundings. It’s important you develop words to use in case one of you becomes uncomfortable when trying new things.

All these tips will help how to sexually please women. You are not the only one expecting pleasure from sex. You have a partner and they have sexual desires that need to be fulfilled.

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Here’s What Women Want Men to Do Before, During and After Sex

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It is not surprising to know that women enjoy sex as much as men do. However, in order to make a woman enjoy sex, a man must know what she wants during lovemaking. And women do not like to break down and tell men what to do – they want men to find out themselves.

In this article, let me share with you the things that women want men to do before, during and after sex.

Before sex:

Engaged in longer foreplay. Men are always so eager to get to intercourse that they often neglect foreplay. You must understand that it takes a longer time for a woman to get turned on when compared to men. When she is not turned on, she will not enjoy it. Therefore, you should always spend some time to give her a good foreplay so that you will increase the chance of her getting orgasms.

Kiss her. Women love kissing. To put things simple, if you want to turn her on, you need to kiss her. Period. You will be surprised at how hot kissing can really be!

During sex:

Take charge. Nothing spoils a woman’s mood for sex when her man does not know how to take charge during lovemaking. You need to be in the driving seat. Tell her what position to try and be a little rough. When you are a little rough and in command, she will feel the passion and urgency that comes from being wanted and desired.

Look into her eyes. By looking into her eyes during sex, it increases the intimacy which women crave from their partners. You cannot imagine how sexually arousing it can be when you keep your eyes focused on each other.

After sex:

Do not go to sleep or shower right away. After sex, women always want their men to cuddle them. Women always complain that their men just fall asleep right away after sex as if she is not even there – I am guilty of this too. So the next time after you make love with your partner, hug her and take some time to talk to her.

Be tender. Once the passionate sex is over, it is time to treat her like a delicate girl once again. Kiss her forehead and tell her how much you love her.

Do keep these points in mind and hope that the next time you make love with your partner, she will be a happier woman.

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Women’s Health – The G Shot

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What is all the buzz about plastic surgeons offering help in the sexual gratification department? Laser vaginaplasty offers the ability to feel greater sexual pleasure and in addition to this, the female body is receiving attention in the surgical world. Many surgeons that focus on the health and wellbeing of women are offering other treatments that can increase sexual gratification for women.

With the introduction of the g shot, many women have been offered the opportunity to explore new facets of their sexual life that they may not have originally known existed. Furthermore, many women may not be privy to the concept of the g spot, named after the man who suspected that women have a pleasure zone within the vagina which was not formerly known of. This area, considered to have nerve endings which help to create sexual pleasure, can be amplified using the g shot, making it more prominent and susceptible to friction.

The g shot is a painless procedure after the area is numbed with local anesthesia. It is an out patient procedure which a doctor can perform in a short time. Subsequent injections usually take less time even than the first because body measurements and anatomy are recorded for quick use the second time around. Each injection usually lasts for about four months depending on your unique body type and body. Each woman is different. Each woman may notice a heightened sensitivity in the g spot area which allows the body to feel more sensations during sexual arousal, intercourse, or play. The injections would need to be repeated about every three months to maintain the effects.

For woman, these sort of medical treatment options performed in the privacy of a surgeons office can offer an unique way to take charge of your sexual health and heighten your pleasure. Injections are considered elective and are not covered by medical health insurance. The g shot is considered a natural bioengineered human collagen that does not adversely affect the body in any way. It should not interfere with movement, menstrual cycles, or the overall balance of the body. Even if it is an experimental commitment to explore various parts of your sexual health, the g shot offers each woman the opportunity to have more fun and to experiment with new ways to enjoy the intimate moments in life.

For each woman, results will vary. Before any sort of cosmetic procedure, it is important to have realistic expectations and to discuss potential benefits and risks with a trusted doctor. Taking care of your medical health involves being fully aware of any treatment options that you choose to partake in to add to the quality of your life. It is each patient’s responsibility to understand their treatment and to ask questions. Coming to an accurate understanding is a great way to take charge of your health and in this case, your sexual life. To keep the body healthy, it is important to practice safe sexual practices and to let such medical breakthroughs in sexual exploration be a fun and safe introduction to your life.

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